Membership requires a minimum one-year commitment and will renew automatically until
canceled via email or telephone.  Penalties for membership cancellation may apply if requested
before the one-year commitment expires.

You will be billed for your order (3,6, or 12 bottles depending on your membership level) 4
times per year (February, May, September, and December) unless a hold is requested via email
14 days prior to billing.   No exceptions.

Rancho Loma Vineyards has permission to automatically charge your credit card for every wine
club order including applicable sales tax, shipping, and handling. Prices are subject to change.
Rancho Loma Vineyards reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time without

Rancho Loma Vineyards will automatically charge you a $15.00 nonrefundable restocking fee if
your allotment is not picked up within 60 days of billing.

This $15.00 charge may be credited towards shipping costs should you decide to have your wine
shipped at that time.   Should you wish to pick up your wines at a later date after the
nonrefundable restocking fee, there will be no guarantee that you receive the same wine or
vintage, only wines that are comparable in price and style.