Our Story

In the heart of Texas, 5 creative individuals and couples with unique backgrounds and experience collectively had the vision to create Rancho Loma Vineyards.  From its inception, they have stayed true to their vision of creating award-winning wines that showcase the unique terroirs and varietals of this remarkable state. From the vineyards of in the Texas panhandle, northwest near Lubbock, High Plains vines yield the richness of Tempranillo, and distinctive Viognier, Rousanne and Marsanne. Decades of discovery by dedicated vintners have revealed the red and white grapes that shine in Texas’ challenging microclimates. This shared wisdom has enabled the creation of our wines lauded worldwide.

Wine has been a part of Texas history since the 1650s, when Franciscan priests planted grapevines near modern-day El Paso. Rancho Loma Vineyards builds on that rich heritage to create wines with the beauty and originality to enhance every gathering. From vine to glass, Rancho Loma Vineyards creates wines that capture the individuality and spirit of a state unlike any other. RLV transforms the everyday into something extraordinary—and makes special occasions memories that endure.


It’s an honor to have our efforts recognized by experts at TEXSOM, San Francisco International Wine Competition, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo International Wine Competition to name a few. Each year, these premier events draw the world’s most influential wine leaders and experts to taste and judge thousands of entries. These awards are a testimony to the passion and expertise that go into making our wines.

2020 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

  • 2018 RLV III Especial —DOUBLE GOLD
  • 2018 RLV Marsanne — SILVER
  • 2018 RLV Imprint (Orange Muscat) — SILVER
  • 2017 RLV Syrah — SILVER
  • 2017 RLV The Tempter — SILVER
  • 2017 RLV Corso — SILVER

2019 San Francisco International Wine Competition

  • 2017 RLV The Tempter Reserve  — GOLD, 93 points
  • 2017 RLV Corso — SILVER
  • 2017 RLV Toro — SILVER
  • 2018 RLV Tres Rose — BRONZE
  • 2018 RLV Marsanne — BRONZE
  • 2018 RLV Impish Muscat — BRONZE
  • 2017 RLV Valera Reserve — BRONZE
  • 2018 RLV III — BRONZE

2019 Lone Star International Wine Competition

  • 2017 RLV Valera —SILVER
  • 2017 RLV Toro —SILVER
  • 2017 RLV Impish —SILVER
  • 2018 RLV Tres Rose — BRONZE
  • 2018 RLV Marsanne —BRONZE
  • 2017 RLV Rojo —BRONZE

2018/2019 Texas International Wine Competition

  • 2017 RLV Nocturnal — DOUBLE GOLD
  • 2017 RLV III — GOLD
  • 2017 RLV Imprint — GOLD
  • 2017 RLV Toro — SILVER

2019 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

  • 2017 RLV Albarino — GOLD
  • 2017 RLV Cinsault Rose’ — SILVER
  • 2017 RLV Corso — SILVER
  • 2017 RLV Toro (Tempranillo) — SILVER
  • 2016 RLV The Tempest — SILVER
  • 2016 RLV Valera — SILVER
  • 2017 RLV III (White Blend) — GOLD

2018 TEXSOM International Wine Competition

  • The Tempest 2016—SILVER
  • Cohesion 2016—BRONZE 
  • Corso 2016–BRONZE

2020 Lone Star International Wine Competition

  • 2018 RLV III Especial — GOLD, BRONZE
  • 2017 RLV Corso — SILVER
  • 2018 RLV III — SILVER
  • 2017 RLV The Tempter —SILVER
  • 2017 RLV Syrah — 2 BRONZE

2020 Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

  • 2017 RLV The Tempter — GOLD
  • 2017 RLV Syrah — SILVER, Texas Class Champion
  • 2017 RLV Corso — SILVER
  • 2018 RLV III Especiale — SILVER
  • 2018 RLV III — SILVER
  • 2018 RLV Impish Orange Muscat — SILVER
  • 2018 RLV Marsanne — SILVER
  • 2018 RLV Tres Rose — SILVER
  • 2017 RLV Valera — SILVER
  • 2017 RLV Toro — BRONZE

2019 Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

  • Cinsault Rose 2017—BRONZE

2019 TEXSOM International Wine Competition

  • 2017 RLV Cinsault Rose — BRONZE
  • 2017 RLV Nocturnal (Albarino) — BRONZE
  • 2017 RLV Toro (Tempranillo) — BRONZE

2018 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo International Wine Competition

  • Cinsault Rosé 2016—DOUBLE GOLD, Class Champion, Texas Class Champion
  • III 2016—GOLD, Reserve Texas Class Champion
  • Cohésion 2016—BRONZE
  • Corso 2016—BRONZE
  • Dulce Rojo 2016—SILVER
  • Muscat 2016—SILVER

2017 TEXSOM International Wine Competition

  • III 2016—GOLD
  • Cinsault Rosé 2016—SILVER
  • Muscat Blend NV—SILVER


Ed Brandecker, M.D., Owner & Director of Winemaking

An avid student of wine for decades and an RLV co-founder, Ed Brandecker took his interest to an academic level by pursuing certificate degrees in viticulture from Texas Tech University and enology from Washington State University. He retired from the practice of medicine in the summer of 2018 to devote his time entirely to RLV. As Director of Winemaking, Ed oversees production in collaboration with our winemaking team and French consultant Guenhael Kessler. Together, Ed and his team have created numerous award-winning wines every year.


Ed Hellman, Ph.D., Owner & Director of Viticulture

As RLV’s Director of Viticulture, Ed Hellman guides key decisions in selecting and developing our vineyard sites, grape varieties, clones and rootstocks. He applies the highest standards of vineyard management to produce the exceptional fruit quality that goes into every RLV wine. Ed holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in horticulture from the University of Illinois and a Ph.D. in plant science from the University of Arkansas. As a professor of viticulture, Ed has conducted research, taught and provided extension educational programming for more than 30 years. His international travel includes professional visits to the major winegrowing regions of France, Italy, Portugal, Chile, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Ed is an active member of the American Society for Enology and Viticulture, the American Society for Horticultural Science and the American Pomological Society.


Guenhael Kessler, Wine Consultant

A native of Avignon, France, Guenhael Kessler is RLV’s Wine Consultant since its inception. RLV’s relationship with Guenhael occurred through a chance encounter made possible by France’s only American sommelier. Educated at the University of Bordeaux and the famed Chateau d’Angelus, Guenhael currently consults for 40 wineries in the Rhone Valley and others around the world. With his unique palate and perspective on the wine varietals of Southern France and growing interest in Texas terroirs, Guenhael is an invaluable addition to the RLV team.


Caitlyn “CJ” Hatchett, RLV Operations Manager & Personal Wine Concierge

CJ Hatchett is our Operations Manager for Rancho Loma Vineyards. She is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York. CJ spent the last seven years in Fredericksburg, Texas working in the wine industry. She enjoys spending time with her husband, playing tennis and hanging out with her two dogs.


Sean Gravalos, RLV Business Relations Manager, Head Sommelier & Personal Wine Concierge

Sean Gravalos Business Relation Manager/Head Sommelier for Rancho Loma Vineyards. Sean Recently moved to Texas from Toronto Canada. He’s a huge wine nerd and wine aficionado. He quit his Corporate bank job a year ago to follow his passion of wine. He is currently a level 3 advanced Sommelier via WSET.


Lauren Murray, Fort Worth Tasting Room Manager & Personal Wine Concierge

Lauren graduated from Johnson & Wales Denver, Colorado with a degree in Culinary Arts and has been in the Texas wine industry for years. Her passion and talent for pairing food with exceptional wines drew her to Rancho Loma Vineyards. She is eager to meet all of you and work with you to find your exceptional RLV wine!


Heaven Bedell, Coleman Tasting Room Lead & Personal Wine Concierge

Heaven is our Tasting Room Lead at Rancho Loma Vineyards in Coleman, Texas. Heaven has been working locally in the food and wine industry since 2015. She embraced Rancho Loma Vineyards since its inception and her passion for pairing wine with food has inspired her to continue to research and pursue studying more about Texas wines. Heaven graduated from Coleman High School and know the area and people that make this west central Texas town unique.


Julie Slusher, Coleman Tasting Room Associate & Personal Wine Concierge

Julie joined the Coleman RLV team in 2019 after she and her family moved from Dallas. She immediately fell in love with RLV wines. Julie has an extensive background in customer service and is excited to help share her love for RLV wine and further her knowledge of the wine industry. In her free time, you can find Julie with her husband and children locally around Coleman or traveling to her favorite city, New Orleans.


Where to Buy

RLV wines are available from a growing number of retailers. And remember, you can always add RLV wines to your cellar with a click.

Central Market Austin, Texas
Central Market Ft. Worth, Texas/Hulen
Central Market Houston, Texas
Depot Liquor, Brownwood, Texas
H&H Beverages, Abilene, Texas
Filo Liquor, Abilene, Texas
In Vino Veritas, San Angelo, Texas
Travis Heights Beverage World, Austin, Texas
Water Hole #2, Abilene, Texas
United Market Street
United Supermarkets
Vintage Cellars, Fredericksburg, Texas